How To 10x Your Results In Every
Area Of Your Life Using Powerful
Positive Affirmations!
Dear Friend,

If someone offered to show you exactly how to use positive affirmations effectively, to create enormous, positive changes in your life...

...would you sit up and take notice?
Firstly - Let Me Reveal Something
That Might SHOCK You...
A large part of the "self-improvement" industry is over-hyped BS, that just doesn't work.

Yes, I said it.

For decades, the so-called "Gurus" have been preaching about the amazing effects of affirmations and positive thinking, but with completely the WRONG strategies.

Let me be the one to tell you that, affirmations do NOT work based on mysterious universal forces rewarding you for being a good person or thinking good thoughts.

(Sorry if that burst a bubble).

There's NO "magic" to it and certainly no spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

There IS a SOLID science and positive psychology behind affirmations and the incredible results that they can have on your life.

As with everything in life...
Affirmations Only Work If They
Are Used The Right Way!
Using affirmations isn't simply about thinking magical happy thoughts and expecting to have your dreams presented to you on a plate.

Which means that just 'chanting' happy thoughts over and over isn't going to get you the life that you crave.

Imagine being given the world's most luxurious grand piano and then being asked to play it.

Except you have had NO piano lessons.

How do you think you would get on?

Chances are that you would struggle to produce anything impressive, right?

Because even the best 'tools' in the world won't get you results unless you know what to do with them.

Affirmations are exactly the same.
I Call Bullshit!
I have been immersed in the personal development industry for over a decade, but if you had asked me about affirmations, just a couple of years ago... I would have told you that it was BS. 


Simply because I was hearing all of these crazy stories about the 'law of attraction' and mysterious positive forces.

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I cut straight through the 'noise' and only present real-world, hard hitting personal development training.

So, I just couldn't accept what I was hearing.

That's why I decided to investigate... and I spent around 18 months studying, reading, experimenting and testing the theory (and reality) behind affirmations.

I Cracked The 'Affirmations' Code
It took a while, but after seeing some incredible results for myself AND for my clients, I discovered that there is an amazing art AND science behind positive affirmations...

...and I became an 'affirmations convert'.

When used correctly (and that's the key!) I uncovered the amazing power that positive thinking has on your mindset.

Frankly, that's all affirmations really are.

Focused, direct, positive thinking.

And you can use them to create unstoppable, powerful and fast transformations to your mindset, personality, habits and life.

Sound good?

Well, that's why I created...
The Affirmations Handbook
A Powerful Guide To Creating, Using And Optimising Affirmations In Your Life
I realised that there are SO many people out there, all around the world, who are trying to use affirmations and just aren't getting the results that they deserve.

Even worse, are the people who have HEARD of their incredible power but just don't know how to start using them.

So now, I want to hand you my entire process for creating, using and optimising affirmations to dramatically improve your life - every single day.

This is the result of 18 months of research, development, trials and testing to build the perfect formula for personal development with affirmations.

With the information in this handbook, you'll understand why affirmations work and how to use them in the most powerful way.

In as little as 10 minutes of focussed time each day, you can use affirmations to completely re-program the way that you think, act and react to the world around you.
Here's Just A Taste Of What
You're About To Learn Inside:
  • How and why affirmations really work.
  • The truth and science behind affirmations.
  • The “RIGHT” way to use affirmations so that they actually work for you and your life…
  • What happens in your body when you repeat affirmations.
  • How to declare affirmations like you “mean” them!
  • Begin believing in your affirmations in the shortest time-period possible…
  • Where and when to repeat your affirmations so they have the most powerful impact.
  • How to use other people’s affirmations so that you can gravitate towards their standard of living.
  • Where to discover some of the most effective affirmations ever created!
  • How to make your own affirmations that resonate perfectly with your life and circumstances.
  • Discover the “compound change” method, which will allow you to improve all areas of your life simultaneously!
  • And much, MUCH more…
In as little as 10 minutes of focussed time each day, you can use affirmations to completely re-program the way that you think, act and react to the world around you.
Don't Start Using Affirmations Without
Absorbing Everything Inside This Guide!
My main goal with this book is to “cut out the BS", so that you have a very clear understanding of HOW and WHY affirmations really work…

This book will change your view on affirmations forever.

In a good way? 

Well, if you consider learning how they really work and why they will do wonders for your life a good thing, then YES in a good way!

Now I know my book may cause a bit of controversy in the “affirmations” industry, but I’m more than ready to tackle that… 

This is going to cause more than a splash in the ocean.

But this splash is going to be special, as it’s going to take people from zero to success with affirmations, so that they can really see some measurable changes in their lives.

There’s a powerful reason why they DO transform people’s lives, and through trialling them myself, I’m now not only 'on-board' with them, I’m teaching them!!

In this guide you will get everything you need to use affirmations effectively. You’ll learn how to put an influence over your own life.

I'm giving you the tools you need and teaching you HOW to use them correctly, so that you can sculpt your own dream lifestyle, just through using affirmations for 10 minutes each day!

This information is exactly what I’ve tried and tested, and let me tell you first-hand, once you begin to see the changes and your belief system is reinforced, your life will never be the same again.

Why is this? Because you see how this thing really works. You see that it DOES work, and that in fact YOU are in control of your own life and destiny.

Everything you need to know about affirmations and how to make your dreams a reality is included in my book.

Best of all, you can get the whole thing today for just $29.
Yep - Just $29
Now, the information in this guide (and the effects that it can have on your life) is definitely worth more than $29 to anyone who is serious about their personal growth.

So, why so cheap?

Good question!

I thought long and hard about how to price this and decided that I wanted to get this handbook into as many people’s lives as I possibly could.

There are two things that I love doing in life, and those are:

1) Helping people realise and achieve their dreams


2) BUSTING Myths

In order to make this book as accessible as I possibly can, I decided to make it as affordable as possible.

Do you want to see your dreams and goals come into reality?

Do you realise that YOU are responsible for your destiny?

And more importantly, do you realise that you CAN achieve everything you ever wanted?

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The Affirmations Handbook is unlike anything else out there in video courses, books or any self-improvement shelf you’ve ever scanned…

As soon as you get inside the book, you’ll realise that there’s NO filler content, it’s all straight to the point. I deliver upon my promises, and THEN some!

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Talk soon,
Rob J. Temple
Creator, 'The Affirmations Guide'

PS. As we’re working with science here and the “facts”, I can guarantee you that this will work out for you IF you follow my guide to the “letter”.

Don’t waste your time with other useless affirmation training that simply doesn’t work or teach you WHY they work…

Get the one-stop solution to affirmations success right here, right now by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.
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